Social Media Management

Community Manager services for companies

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Social networks

Management of social networks for companies and brands

Social Media Management (or the management of social networks) a company must be included as part of the company's Global Marketing plan and therefore must be managed in a professional manner, whether including a Community Manager (or head of social networks and reputation online) in our template, or outsourcing to a social media agency external that manage us social networks professionally.

Gestión del Social Media Management

Professional management of Social Media Management

At Tantata we take care of the management of social networks and Online reputation for your company in a professional manner.

Curso de Redes Sociales para empresas

Course of social networking for businesses

We carry out courses and online tailored for companies. We are the persons responsible for the management of social networks in your company.

Social networks have become one of the channels of communication most used by users, and therefore, the social media marketing and social media management have become one of the cornerstones of the companies Marketing plans.

How does our management of social networks for businesses?

Every company is different and has different needs. So in Tantata we have different rates of Community Manager that you try to adapt to the needs of our customers.

Our mission It is always the goals proposed by the company in its Marketing plan, so our work is always focused on the achievement of these objectives:

  • Brand positioning
  • Community building and recruitment of leads
  • Web positioning (SEO)
  • Distribution of content
  • Attracting buyers and customers
  • Attention to the customer and after-sales service

What social networks we manage?


We take care of the management of your fans or your personal account page.


Your Twitter account will not stop one day to sell your products or services


Also we can arrange keep your company Instagram account.


Let us help you properly manage the world's largest professional network.

Google Plus

Get your company to appear well positioned in Google search results and Google Maps


We'll share images of your website on specific boards for your business.

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Request our custom Social Media Management Services and we will prepare a solution that is fully adapted to your needs.

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