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They say that the best place to hide
a corpse is on the second page
the results of Google

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Appear among the top results of search, today and in many occasions, is what mark the difference between sell and not sell, between reaching your audience or not no one find you.

Having a website is not enough, as if this, does not appear among the first results of Google search, When someone searches for what we offer, It is almost as if we did not have anything.

SEO and SEM positioning

To position our website we use basically two systems: SEO and SEM.

SEO positioning

SEO they are the initials of “Search Engine Optimization“, It is as it is defined to the work needed to make a website appear among the top results of search from a search engine organically, I mean, without paying for the positioning. This positioning endures over time and it depends on the content of the web, its quality, credibility and utility for the end user.

SEM positioning

SEM they are the initials of “Search Engine Marketing”, that is how marketing works is defined that is paid to the search engines or to other channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…) to achieve the desired positioning. At the time the campaign ends, I mean, It fails to pay, the positioning is finished, which must be well defined a strategy and that we intend to get it if not, It is to throw money away.

What services we offer in Tantata to position web pages?

Our work:

SEO positioning is a job that requires some time and whose results no one can guarantee accurately. Why then we define the work of SEO which we carry out on Tantata for the positioning of web pages.

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1. Analysis of your web site, keywords and competition study

Before you begin any project positioning SEO is needed a analysis of the web site you want to position, Since the structure of the site and the way in which the content is adapted to different mobile devices will be key to the success of the project.
In our analysis, we will also study the niche or keywords where you want to position our page. Deciding which are the right terms on which we should appear to achieve the objectives sought by our page.
Will also make an competitive analysis in the words in which we want to position and create a realistic view of the chances of success of our project.

2. We adapt your website to make it friendly for the SEO

After the initial analysis we will be able to assess the corrections required by your web site. Sometimes simply is required to modify the categorization you structure the content, but on other occasions it is necessary to modify the structure of the web site so that the search engines consider it "friendly" and decide to include it in their indexes without putting stick. At this stage will also ask the search engines to properly index your web site.


3. Content generation

For some years the content is one of the most important pieces to position a website in the search engines. In Tantata we can help you with SEO friendly content generation, both texts, as original images, do upload the positioning of our pages permanently.

4. We manage your enterprise social networks

Once our website is ready to enter to compete for the top positions in search engines, We have to worry about spreading it on social networks. The search engines prioritize of positioning the content that users like and are broadcast by networks. Do users come to visit our web site won't be an easy job, that part of our work will consist of us go looking for them. At this stage We also handle suggest and properly configure the social networks in which your company requires presence.

5. Payment search engine campaign management (SEM)

When is the organic positioning very difficult, We have a lot of competition or simply, We want immediate results, We can invest in payment campaigns promoted. In Tantata We take care of managing their payment in Google AdWords campaigns so your company appears in the first results on Google (promoted results) during specific periods and campaigns.

6. Training in SEO positioning

In Tantata we also handle form persons will be in charge of the web in the enterprise through our online courses and face-to-face positioning for companies. The basic positioning SEO course has a duration of 6 hours distributed in 3 Conference and it is accessible for any professional who needs to acquire the knowledge necessary to understand the functioning of the most important search engines and how to position a website.

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