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Rafa Esteve

Rafael Esteve

CEO - co-founder

Engineer in Industrial design
Consultant and Professor of Social Media, Digital Marketing, SEM and SEO positioning. Cartoonist, rugbista and writer.

Rut García

Ruth García

Marketing and strategies

Engineer in Industrial design.
Specialized in product development and application of brands. Management and management strategies.

Virgilio Garbayo

Virgilio Garbayo


Physicist and computer engineer.
A travel addict, sealover and an inveterate curious, among many other things.
My Place: the world.

Jose Luis Guillen

José Luis Guillen

Google apps developer

Developer of applications for the collaborative environment of Google.
CEO of Californiadrims. Musician and Rugby lover.

What does it mean TANTATA?

In May of 2010, Virgilio and Rafa, were working together for a project that aimed to improve the lives of child victims violence, poverty and armed conflict in Colombia. The day they decided to assemble TANTATA, Virgilio was in Bolivia, in the town of Copacabana, next to Lake Titicaca and Rafa in Spain, in Castellón.

Surprising to people that they could work together, Every day, Despite the great distance between them. In a conversation by Skype, Virgilio said:
“Indigenous people from around here aske me: “Llank'aq ' ay tantata? ” – which in aymara language means: Do you work together?.

The two liked the word tantata which means TOGETHER in the language Aymara. So , Hence our name came out and why, the symbol that accompanies our logo, representing an indigenous aymara tribe working with a laptop computer between the legs.


Do what we like anywhere in the world.

After all this time in Tantata we have grown to add experience and knowledge to, become a multidisciplinary group that, despite the distances, works TOGETHER.

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